Zamboni, St. FX U.

KIA Strait-Way Marketing Wrap

Zoom, Rotate and Explore this model


Craft Beer Label Wrap

Cheek Monkey Down Undah

Being able to preview your product in 3D format prior to manufacturing is a cost effective way of brainstorming and solidifying design concepts.


Festival Grounds

Rock and Country Rocks The Hub

Pan, Zoom and Rotate this model to explore the event location. Now located in a field at the NSPE in Bible Hill, NS


Zamboni, RECC Truro

Coming Soon

Complete Zamboni wrap for the Motor Hub Automotive Group. Blaikies, Truro Mitsubishi and Truro Nissan will be promoted on this and operated at the Rath EastLink Community Centre.


Opne House Event Map

MacKays Truck and Trailer

Click to rotate and view 360°. This is a 3D Visualization of an event map. Augment your next big event with Virtual 3D Mapping.


Game Show Pitch Model

Coming Soon

JAS3D supplied visualization artwork to a Los Angeles Based Production Company developing a game show for television. The artwork is currently being used as an asset in the pitching process.